Binh Yoga

Binh came up with Yoga by chance, and then it turned out to be one of his greatest desires. Since the begin, Binh finds practicing Yoga great for his sake, which later on had been the key reason for becoming Yoga Teacher to know people and give out all of his interesting experiences in Yoga practicing. 

Binh has been teaching Yoga since 2000 at many centers such as Sofitel Hotel, L’apothiquare Spa, etc. At first, he entered a Yoga Teacher Trainning Course at Bankok (Thailand), then Singapore and Malaysia, and so on to earn a deeper understanding about Yoga. In the recent days, Binh work as a Yoga Coach to a program on HTV7 TV-channel, named ‘Yoga & Cuộc sống’ (Yoga & Life). It is his great pleasure to be with everyone on their practicing and learning of Yoga.


Mobile: 0906 619 573 (Text Binh)
Email: binhyoga2708@gmail.com

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