Best Fitness & Kick Boxing Personal Trainer in Saigon - Patrick Nguyen

Patrick has always had a passion for sports. The foundation of his obsession for Health & Fitness sterms form his early participation in various martial arts. Patrict has been a devoted practioners/ student of the following disciplines: the Vietnameses Martial Art Vovinam, Muay Thai, Kyokushin Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kick – Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Since embarking on his career in 1997, Patrict has been a dedicated instructor and trainer in the fitness insdusty. He brings this wealth of experiance and knwoledge to all of his clients and has been a Personal Fitness Instructor for:

The world famous Gold’s Gym in Venice, California

·         Inoki Dojo in Santa Monica
·         Distinguihed private clients in Malibu and Beverly Hills, California

Patrict has worked with many professional athletes, providing Fitness & Strength Programs that have enhanced their overall conditioning, flexibility and agility. Some Nattional Football League (NFL) players he has worked with are:

·         Quentin Coryatt, Indianapolis Colts / Dallas Cowboys
·         Jonnie Morton, Detroit Lions/ Kansas City Chiefs/ San Francisco 49 ers
·         Willie McGinest, New England Patriots/ Cleveland Browns
·         Roman Phifer, New England Patriots, New York Jets, St. Louis Rams, and New York Giants.
·         Darrell Russell, Oakland Raiders/ Washington Redskins
·         Patrick provided Custom Training Programs to enhance flexibility for the following Boxers
·         Vitalid Klitschko: Current WBO World Heavyweight Boxing Champion
·         Wladimir Klitschoko: IBF, IBO, WBO & Ring Magazine World Boxing Champion

Patrick has provided specially Tailored Trainning Programs focusing on Muay Thai, Strength and Conditioning for the following Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Fighters:

·         Francisco “ Chico” Bueno
·         Wallid Ismail
·         Savant Young

Patrick has also delivered specialized Fitness Programs for a broad spectrum of reputable clients; from top celebrities trainning for action movies to corporate clients who simply want to get fit:

·         Michelle Candice: WWE (World Wrestling Entertainmetn) Champion and Diva
·         Bruce “Its Time” Buffer: The Voice of the Octagon, Professional ring announcer for the Ultimate Fight Championships (UFC)
·         Johnny Tri Nguyen: Vietnam’s leading male action movie star. Johnny has starred in films such as The Rebel, Tom Yum Goong (Ong Bak 2) and Clash (Bay Rong).
·         Ngo Thanh Van: Vietnam’s leading female actress, singer, dancer and model. Among Van’s film credits are: Saigon Love Story, The Rebel and Clash (Bay Rong).
·         Vietnam Artist Agency (VAA): One of Vietnam’s Top Talent Agencies. VAA represents some of Vietnam’s most influential Films and Music personalities. Patric is in charge of providing Fitness & Health guidance to some of VAA’s biggest and brightest stars.

Now in Vietnam to be closer to his “roots”, Patrick is currently Head Fitness Instructor for Star Fitness, the top fitness center in HCMC, teaching Personal Trainer to train their clients more effectively. He also provide Fitness & Kick boxing training these group and private lessons, as well as coaching weekly Brazilian Jiu-jitsu classes.


Mobile: 0938 156 865 (Patrick Nguyen)

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